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Why choose the Perth Tax People?

Because our accounting service goes far beyond simply preparing tax returns for the ATO.

We are a fully mobile accounting service, meaning, we come directly to you, therefore saving you time, money and inconvenience...wherever you are, we are the tax accountants near you.

We don’t just count numbers…we are good listeners, and we understand your business challenges because we are in business too. Whether it be an issue of financial complexity or filing a simple tax return, we are always looking at ways in which we can benefit our clients.

No matter what your circumstances, no matter how big or small your business is, our people take all your tax concerns seriously.

We will work in partnership with you and your team, offering the right advice and assistance, aiming to help your business develop and grow in today’s competitive market.

At Perth Tax People, we are dedicated to protecting and maximising your wealth through the provision of expert tax planning and management.

Our accountancy and bookkeeping solutions are reliable, cost-effective and provided by friendly, courteous and experienced professionals.

We will stand by your side, every step of the way.

Our Clients Include:

Why Choose The Perth Tax People

Anyone who has tried to handle their own taxes understands that organisation is extremely important. If you struggle to organise your books, we can help you develop systems to stay organised and on top of things.

We understand that most people are time poor. Often people need their tax returns completed in a timely manner. We can fast track your tax return if you need it.

We have helped West Australians with thousands of tax returns. We know the legal ways you can reduce your tax obligations and help you to claim what is rightfully yours. Our eye for detail will pick up what others wont.

Convenient means we come to you at a place and time that works for you. With so many tax services locked into the nine to five, we understand that for many, that's just not feasible. We are here to break the mould and help you at a time that works for you.

We are Perth Tax People. Yes that's right. People. We love numbers. But we also love explaining them in a way that you can easily understand so that you feel confident.


I used to wake up at 5am thinking about my bas/gst to provide to the accountant and was always behind my tax obligations, since I have joined Perth Tax People, I never had to worry about tax and payroll and everything is working smoothly, will definitely recommend Ali and his team to others

– Basheer from Oporto Bentley and Joondalup 

Thank you Perth Tax People for excellent tax and accounting services, now I am always upto date with everything

– Anthea from Hans Palace Chinese Restaurant – East Perth 

Manish came to my house and took time to ask me heaps of questions to get me a good tax back. Happy! Will use again

– Laura (City Beach)

I would like to thank Ali from Perth Tax People, for all his generous help and great advice regarding my business tax. Ali personally dealt with the ATO on my behalf, therefore saving me time and money, and has also provided ongoing Xero assistance and tax advice. I now use PTP for all my business and personal tax requirements. Excellent service, affordable, on time and highly recommend.

– Chris Lynch from Alpha Flooring Perth 

Case Studies

Sole Trader owing more than 500k to ATO

Last year we met a sole trader client who owed Australian Taxation Office around half a million dollars accumulated from multiple years. Client was so stressed and did not know how to deal with ATO, but still wanted to do the right thing and pay off the debt.

When the client came on board, we explained ATO regarding clients individual situation and personal health and other family reasons for not being able to pay off the debt.

After continuous negotiations with ATO, they finally remitted all the interest and penalty charges and dropped the amount owing to 300k from 500k and then client was able to settle a flexible payment plan to pay off the debt.

When client came to know reduction with ATO debt in Christmas last year, he hugged our team members and said this year will be my best Christmas and I do not have to stress anymore.

Fish n Chips Business going through serious ATO Audit

We had one fish n chips client operating business for multiple years and due to slowdown in business sales and other family reasons, she was behind our GST and Superannuation obligations and went through a big audit conducted by Australian Taxation Office.

We contacted ATO and explained clients personal situation and did the best we could to come up with favourable terms for client and in the end, client and ATO said a BIG Thank You to our team.

Couple behind 25 years of tax obligations

We met a client (very nice couple) who ran a Christmas hamper business and did not file 25 years of their personal and business tax returns.

During the release of pension payments, they were audited and were asked by ATO to update their tax returns.

In this stressful situation, client had to find a tax agent who they can fully trust and approached our team for help.

We assured that we will do the best we can and did it and finally client could rest in peace and we also remitted around 100k worth of penalties and interest charges and came up with the best possible tax outcome.

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